The Style Buff // by Gianni Fontana

Men's Style from the Italian Point of View
by Gianni Fontana

Sartoria Pino Peluso bespoke suit * Mary Frittolini bespoke shirt * Corneliani breast pocket handkerchief

Amazing is the first word that comes to mind when we look at this timepiece, featuring an olive canvas strap with a sturdy face topped off with hints of neon & white on black. Available directly through Oris’ website.

Something BIG is brewing again…

(L to R Front Row) Filippo Matera, Gianni Fontana, Valentino Ricci, Guerre, NIcola Ricci, Kensuke Takehara, Alessandro Squarzi, Alberto Scaccioni

(L to R Second Row) Gennaro Santillo, Mr. Raro, Angelo Inglese, Marco Zambaldo, Fabrizio Oriani, Samir Imran

Back Row (L to R): Luca Rubinacci, Lino Ieluzzi, Ricardo Viganò

Not pictured: Wei Koh, Sarah Ann Murray, Salvatore Ambrosi, and members of The Armoury team

Photo by Jason Jean of Citizen Couture

Team Players for project: Neil Watson, Ko Tsuchiya

(via guerreisms)