The Style Buff // by Gianni Fontana

Men's Style from the Italian Point of View
by Gianni Fontana

Amazing is the first word that comes to mind when we look at this timepiece, featuring an olive canvas strap with a sturdy face topped off with hints of neon & white on black. Available directly through Oris’ website.

Something BIG is brewing again…

(L to R Front Row) Filippo Matera, Gianni Fontana, Valentino Ricci, Guerre, NIcola Ricci, Kensuke Takehara, Alessandro Squarzi, Alberto Scaccioni

(L to R Second Row) Gennaro Santillo, Mr. Raro, Angelo Inglese, Marco Zambaldo, Fabrizio Oriani, Samir Imran

Back Row (L to R): Luca Rubinacci, Lino Ieluzzi, Ricardo Viganò

Not pictured: Wei Koh, Sarah Ann Murray, Salvatore Ambrosi, and members of The Armoury team

Photo by Jason Jean of Citizen Couture

Team Players for project: Neil Watson, Ko Tsuchiya

(via guerreisms)